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EN VOGUE! What a pleasant surprise.

This year we sent a few of our F.O.M.U. reps to one of the biggest fashion events in the world (Magic Fashion Show) to network and learn innovating ways to continue to perfect our products and provide premium quality to our customers. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! But that part came as no surprise. However, what DID take us by storm was the live entertainment. One act in particular, the legendary trio En Vogue. We intended to write an original blog post about the group and our experience but the the staff over at UMB Fashion did such a great job, we just had to share.

Please read below:

Timeless! That’s what comes to mind the moment the resonant voices of En Vogue pour through the airwaves. With their first single, Rocket, breaking the Billboard UAC Top 10 chart, the ladies are poised for more chart-topping success with the global release of their “Electric Café” album on Entertainment One Music.
When not on the road, they donate their time to philanthropic causes such as The HollyRod Foundation, which provides medical, physical, and emotional support to families living with autism and individuals battling Parkinson’s disease. They also support non-profit organizations that rescue victims from human trafficking and provide them with educational and job training.
Since their debut En Vogue has set the standard for female R&B/Pop groups and promise to continue that tradition into the future for a new legion. Their appeal is endless; and in a world full of ‘one-hit’ wonders, that makes their new collection of music. 





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