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DetraPel Fabric & Leather Protector - 2 Pack

DetraPel Fabric & Leather Protector - 2 Pack


Product Description: Contains 2 X 2 Fluid Oz

DetraPel Fabric & Leather Protector is an extremely powerful nanotechnology enabled protective coating for fabric, leather and textile surfaces. The spray creates an invisible, superhydrophobic (water repellent) and self-cleaning coating, which makes fabric & leather surfaces water, stain and spill repellent.


One 2oz bottle will cover approximately 6-8 square feet or 3 pairs of shoes.


Product Attributes:

DetraPel Fabric & Leather Protector can protect the following from almost any liquid-based substance:

  • Clothing

  • Leather

  • Furniture

  • Shoes

  • Carpeting


DetraPel Fabric & Leather Protector’s protective attributes:

  • Has powerful non-stick & anti-bacterial properties that prevent the growth and buildup of micro-organisms, fungi, mold and bacteria, thereby preventing foul smell

  • Pet urine repellent 

  • Easy-to-clean / self-cleaning effect

  • Cures at room temperature

  • Provides UV and fade protection

  • Colorless, odorless & invisible

  • Does not impact the texture of the surface in which it is applied

  • Increases breathability


DetraPel’s committment to the environment and safety:

  • Non-toxic

  • Non-flammable

  • Environment friendly

  • Food safety certified

  • Packaging is recyclable


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